5 Tips for Wearing Fragrance

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 Potent fragrances, which trigger childhood memories, fill the air as we head into the holiday season.

Ever wonder why you walk into a someone’s home and instantly like them?  Or, why the scent of cinnamon reminds you of your favorite aunt?

Or, why 20 years later a completely benign scent like clove activates memories of your dreaded childhood orthodontist?

You know the one, Dr. Hulen of Waukesha, WI.? He left the big honking bowl of clove gum in the waiting area? The one who was later institutionalized? No? Maybe I was the only traumatized by clove. Never mind.

Scents blast us back into time periods, places, and people because our sense of smell is the one most closely linked to memory recall. It’s because we smell with our brains, not our noses. Think of your nose as nothing more than a ‘transporter’ of scent to our brains’ memory recall.

A fragrance becomes a secret weapon in crafting our own unique brand identity.

How? When a sales person suggests THE most popular fragrance — RUN don’t walk away. Do you really want to wear what everyone else is wearing?  You must find your signature scent.

They are a lost art form.

So, let’s start at the very beginning:

Fragrance basics.

  1. We get used to our own scent.  When we wear fragrance we experience something called ‘nose fatigue’. Your brain becomes accustomed to the smell – so while you might not smell it, others do!
  2. How much is too much? The French refer to it as our circle of intimacy. What the hell is that? Stand up, and span your arms. That’s your circle of intimacy. Others gather a waft of your signature scent when they enter your personal space, or you drift by them. In doubt? Ask a friend….45 minutes to an hour after applying your fragrance.
  3. Fragrance rises: Start low on the body; ankles, behind the knees, or spray a spritz into the air at waist level and walk through it. Urban Myth —  contrary to popular belief, placing fragrance behind the ears (while oh-so-ladylike) is one of the worst areas to place fragrance. It’s a very acidic area of our body and goofs with the fragrance.
  4. Moisturized skins hold fragrance longer than a dry skin: If you feel like your fragrance never lasts, make sure you prep your skin after the shower with either the corresponding body lotion, or a scent-free lotion. (And, exfoliate your skin at least twice a week in colder weather. Dead skin cells pile up and suck up all the lotion.)
  5. You need to revive your fragrance throughout the day: A good rule of thumb is every 2-6 hours depending on fragrances’s composition. (Eau De Cologne, 2-4 hours, Eau De Parfum, 4-6 hours.)

But, wait! What’s a perfume vs. a parfum? Should I purchase the Eau De Parfum, or the Eau De Cologne, Spray or splash?

Come back to learn more about how to test, find, and know what the different versions really mean for your signature scent!


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