The Art of Wearing Fragrance

It is a lost art — the ability to select and wear a signature fragrance. Most of us can conjure up a vivid memory of our mother, grandmother, or aunt who wore ‘her’ fragrance. You knew a special occasion was happening when the scent drifted by as she walked past. Anniversaries. Holidays. Celebrations. You were about to part of an exceptional experience.

I’ve written detailed posts on selecting and wearing a signature fragrance, but today I focus on my choices for anyone searching for THE fragrance. And, a word to the wise … skip the discount sites that promise the scent for 1/2 the price. God knows where that product has been, or even if it’s the legitimate fragrance. If the site looks shady, then it is shady. Suck it up and pay full price.

And, while we’re on the topic…I doubt you’ll find any of these fragrances in a rollerball form. Rollerballs are for flibbertigibbets who can’t make up their mind. You’re well beyond the rollerball phase, for God’s Sake.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming — some of my choices are classics, some are cult favorites, and some are quiet, exclusive scents. But, all are unique and make a statement about the woman wearing them.


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