Your Holiday Skincare Survival Guide

We all start with the best of intentions for the holiday season —

  • I will exercise more
  • I will skip the holiday office treats
  • I will make good choices at the holiday parties
  • I will not order Pizano’s at 11PM after making good food choices at the holiday parties, but drinking too much, so now I’m FREAKING starving

I hear ya — eating 1/2 a bagel is a walk on the wild side for me these days, but sometimes we all snap. And, as you get older, your “morning after” skin shows it. So, here’s my holiday wish for you.

The skincare holiday survival guide:

A brief recap of your ‘morning after must-haves’…

Row # 1Lips. The dry dehydrated feel of your mouth DOES NOT look pretty on your lips.

Row # 2: Eyes. Puff, puff and away is for other people. The eye masks are miracle workers and a fabulous eye cream is a necessity.

Row # 3: The Scene of the Crime.  Somehow get the evening’s make up off your face (please see Row # 4)! Then slather on a firming mask and a lip treatment. You’re welcome.

Row # 4The Morning After. If (for whatever reason) you did not get your make up off then start your morning routine with a cleansing balm and an Asian inspired Essence (we love SK-II’s Facial Treatment Essence). Press the essence into your skin 100 hundred times for best results (yes, you heard me) and slap on a bit of your eye cream.

Row # 5The Fixer-Upper. After your Essence, apply an illuminating serum and a fabulous moisturizer to jump start your poor, dehydrated skin. For the rest of your body, I suggest two Diet Pepsi’s and a G2 Gatorade.

Row # 6Home Stretch. Stay with me…you’re almost to the promise land! Blend in a CC cream and dab on a bit of concealer to cover dark circles and any blotchiness.

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