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Kathi is a beauty blogger and shaper of young women; helping them get out of their own way, and into the way of others.

Irreverent. Authentic. Inquisitive. And, just a wee bit sarcastic.

EoT is a place where beauty, fashion, and feminism coexist peacefully. Join this irreverent beauty junkie as she ventures into middle-age hoping to make sense of it all. As so many women do, EoT struggles to reconcile the myriad messages modern women receive with her own delicate and somewhat battered psyche. Throughout her life she finds herself in a constant tug-of-war between fighting the good fight on behalf of women while she simultaneously notices your fabulous shoes, and wonders if her lipstick makes her look old, or fat, or old AND fat.

Like we said, she’s one dose away from crazy — join her in her journey.

Hold up!? You mean EoT is not about time management? 

No! Not now, not ever. We’re natural disasters on that front and we don’t care! Fuck time management.

When we say ‘Expert on Time’, we refer to time in a bigger context.

  • Is time on my side?
  • Is NOW a good time?
  • Did my time pass?
  • Where did the time go?

The aging process sucks, particularly when you’re a woman aging in a relentlessly harsh culture that frowns upon such silly pastimes. But, at EoT we believe a woman’s time is NOW. So, here we are: Expert on Time! (Get it, it’s a play on words!) Need expert advice on beauty, fashion, feminism, or the workplace with a touch of sarcasm along the way?


Kick off you heels, grab a glass of cabernet, and enjoy your time here!

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